November 2020

Tigray conflict: More than 32,000 Ethiopian refugees flee to Sudan as fighting continues

Tens of thousands of Ethiopians have fled the northern region of Tigray into Sudan, as a deadly conflict rages between Ethiopian Defence Forces (EDF) and Tigray regional armed forces after months of rising tensions between the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the ruling coalition in Addis Ababa. Earlier in the week, Ethiopia’s growing conflict that began in early November has resulted in more than 25,300 refugees fleeing the Tigray region into Sudan, the UN refugee agency said Monday, as fighting spilled beyond Ethiopia’s borders and threatened to inflame the Horn of Africa region. More than 5,000 additional refugees arrived in Sudan’s border provinces of Kassala and al-Qadarif on Sunday, the highest single-day number of arrivals since the start of the conflict, the UNHCR said. As Redmond Shannon reports, both sides are being accused of stoking tensions that have led to a staggering humanitarian crisis.