Vlog : Month 10

How COVID-19 exposed Canada’s innovation weak spot

Dr Norman Swan discusses Germany’s concerns around the AstraZeneca vaccine in the elderly | ABC News

Some residents of town want pro-QAnon mayor removed from office

Federal Judge Overturns Local Courts To Keep Some Accused Trump Mob Members In Custody

Marjorie Taylor Greene Controversy | QAnon and Space Lasers

Jimi Hendrix Sgt Peppers- the beatles cover-live

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/30/21

Melting ice and glaciers could lead to water crisis

Another new vaccine is said to be 88% effective against severe Covid – BBC News

Understanding what’s driving coronavirus mutations | COVID-19 Special

One-On-One With Dr. Anthony Fauci | NBC Nightly News

Arizona GOP Rep Introduces Bill To Give Legislature Power To Throw Out Election Results | All In

WaPo’s Marty Baron reveals insights from covering Trump

Former Republican Voter After Capitol Riot: I Want No Association With This Party Anymore | NBC News

ZZ Top – Gimme All Your Lovin’ (Live)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/29/21

B.C.’s fight against COVID-19 one year on

COVID-19 cases down in Ontario, UK variant still ‘significant threat’

Lockdown and school closures will continue for many more weeks in England – BBC News

Bill Gates Warns The “Next Pandemic” Is Coming After Covid-19 – And How To Stop It | MSNBC

What does the US’ new vaccination strategy look like | COVID-19 Special

Cooper: 3 weeks and a day is how long it took GOP to forget what happened

Parkland survivor responds to video of Marjorie Taylor Greene confronting him with baseless claims

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Faces Backlash After Supporting Violent Social Media Posts | NBC News

*The Fleetwoods* – Mr Blue

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/28/21

Republicans Try to Dismiss Trump’s Second Impeachment Trial: A Closer Look

Biden Delivers Remarks On Climate Change | NBC News

Exclusive: John Kerry on Biden’s Climate Plan

Climate Adaptation Summit Opening Session

The Beatles – A Day In The Life

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/27/21

100,000 UK Covid deaths: the highest in Europe – BBC News

‘Made in Canada’ vaccine starts clinical trials

Will European export controls prevent Canada from getting COVID-19 vaccines?

European Union plans tighter restrictions on vaccine exports | DW News

President Joe Biden signs 4 executive orders addressing racial inequity

Over a third of the Senate opposes impeaching Trump

Dr. Deborah Birx interview: Trump presented graphs ‘I never made’

NYT’s Haberman reveals Trump’s political target hit list

The Shangri-Las – Remember (Walking in the Sand) Original footage

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/26/21

Brazil: Reforestation to replenish water supplies | Global Ideas

Coronavirus timeline: One year since Canada’s 1st COVID-19 case

Garrett Breaks Down The Science Behind The Efficacies Of The Different Vaccines | Deadline | MSNBC

No timetable for end to lockdown says UK government – BBC News

President Biden Inherits A Host Of International Relations Challenges | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

New details about Trump’s efforts to overturn the election

Where The Investigation Into The Capitol Hill Riots Now Stands | NBC News NOW

“QAnon Shaman” (Jacob Angeli Chansley) Case Analysis

Zz Top – La Grange (Studio audio) 1973

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/25/21

Kenney tells Trudeau to fight Biden’s Keystone XL cancellation

CDC Director: “I Cannot Tell You How Much Vaccine We Have” | NBC Nightly News

Senate To Receive Article of Impeachment Against Trump on Monday | NBC Nightly News

Impeachment Manager Rep. DeGette: Senators Are Not Just Jury, But “Victims Of This Crime”

Ali Soufan On Rooting Out Extremism: Dealing With Jihadis Taught Us “What Not To Do” | MSNBC

Ex-QAnon follower: It’s like a doomsday cult

Four years of Trump falsehoods | Fact Checker

SpaceX launches 143 satellites, successfully completes record-setting mission

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/24/21

Velshi: The Death of Shame | MSNBC

Presidential historian Allan Lichtman predicts Biden will need to pair down his agenda

UK warns new coronavirus variant could be more deadly | DW News

What young Canadians are telling themselves to cope with the pandemic

COVID-19 long-haulers: The pandemic’s forgotten patients (Marketplace)

David Gilmour – Morning Has Broken (Cover)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/23/21

See expert’s plan to end pandemic in four weeks

Brazil battling deadly new Covid variant and world’s second-highest mortality rates – BBC News

New coronavirus strain “may be more deadly” says Boris Johnson – BBC News

Will the US under Biden reenter the nuclear deal with Iran? | DW News

Republicans quietly lobby him to convict Trump

White Supremacist Groups Target QAnon Conspiracy Theorists Who Feel Let Down By Trump | NBC News NOW

Biden Inherits the Mess of a Lying Madman

Jon Bon Jovi Performs “Here Comes the Sun” at Celebrate America | Biden-Harris Inauguration 2021

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/22/21

US rejoins WHO under Biden administration

Biden Unveils Sweeping Immigration Reform Plan | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

President Joe Biden orders a halt on building the U.S.-Mexico border wall

Republican strategist says Trumpism an ‘ongoing problem’

McConnell proposes delaying impeachment trial

Chris Hayes Explains the Trump Presidency’s Bizarre Silence Surrounding COVID-19

Fauci compares Trump to Biden administration, says it’s “liberating” to let science speak

Biden Gets to Work Undoing Trump’s Damage: A Closer Look

Gene Vincent Be Bop A Lula 1957

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/21/21

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President Biden inauguration speech in full – BBC News

Joe Biden Arrives At White House For First Time As President | NBC News

Clinton, Bush, Obama Come Together To Discuss The Importance Of A Peaceful Transfer Of Power | MSNBC

Biden Sworn In as 46th President After Trump Leaves White House: A Closer Look

Trump’s last speech as president – BBC News

Imagine Dragons perform ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’ | T in the Park – BBC

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/20/21

Refugees stuck in winter shelters at EU border in Bosnia | DW News

How the coronavirus pandemic sparks innovations | COVID-19 Special

UK announces record Covid deaths as hospitals “overwhelmed” – BBC News

The End of the Trump Presidency: A Closer Look

Trump: New administration ‘is gonna need luck’

A flashback through four turbulent years of Donald Trump – BBC News

McConnell: Capitol Hill mob was ‘provoked’ by Trump

Joe Biden gives emotional speech ahead of inauguration

Biden Participates In Memorial To Remember Covid-19 Victims | NBC News

The making of Be my baby (The Ronettes/Phil Spector)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/19/21

Trump Is Leaving Behind a Legacy of Insurrection, Corruption and Chaos: A Closer Look

Donald Trump’s Reign of Terrible is Finally Coming to an End

What security in Washington, D.C., looks like ahead of the inauguration

Misinformation Drops 73 Percent After Trump Banned From Twitter | Morning Joe | MSNBC

God bless Martin Luther King

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/18/21

Caravan of Central American migrants heads toward US border | DW News

U.S. Covid-19 Death Toll Nears 400,000 | NBC Nightly News

Global News Special Presentation – 2021 | What Lies Ahead

Mamas & Papas – California Dreaming

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/17/21

India starts vaccinating its 1.3 billion people against COVID | DW News

Anti-lockdown protest at Yonge-Dundas Square

‘I feel wronged’: US Capitol rioter asks Donald Trump for pardon

‘Lies,’ ‘Rage,’ ‘Delusion’: Trump Insider On Warnings In Plain Sight | The Beat With Ari Melber

On Trump and truth: Daniel Dale in conversation with Edward Keenan

Lisa Montgomery Case Analysis | Mental Health & Personality

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/16/21

Pfizer is cutting shipments to Canada | How will the COVID-19 vaccination strategy be impacted?

UK closes travel corridors as fears grow over new coronavirus variants – BBC News

Global COVID-19 death toll set to pass 2 million | Coronavirus Latest

Nancy Pelosi: lawmakers could face prosecution for aiding Capitol attack

“Congress Is Going To Have To Rise Up And Be Extremely Bold” – Sen. Sanders On America’s Way Forward

Moonglow / Theme From Picnic By Morris Stoloff

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/15/21

Trudeau wants to stay PM for a “number of more years,” hopes Biden re-engages US on world stage

Planet on course for “catastrophic” rise in temperatures say scientists- BBC News

Millions of Syrian refugees face harsh winter conditions | DW News

Coronavirus: Biden unveils stimulus plan to jump-start US economy | FULL

Is Trump Guilty of Inciting an Insurrection? | “mens rea” & Impeachment

Procol Harum – A Whiter Shade of Pale (1967) [High Quality Sound, Subtitled]

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/14/21

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Peru: Empowering mountain communities | Global Ideas

Coronavirus: BC surpasses 1,000 COVID-19 deaths as province adds 1,475 new cases | FULL

UK records worst day of Covid deaths with 1,564 lives lost – BBC News

US executes only woman on federal death row – BBC News

Donald Trump impeached for inciting insurrection – BBC News

Nancy Pelosi signs impeachment article against Trump, calls him “clear and present danger” | FULL

Trump releases video after being impeached again

Republicans, business partners cut ties to Trump | DW News

Hundreds of troops guarding US Capitol filmed resting during break in shifts

Trump’s Bananas Border Speech, Looming Impeachment & Crazy Conspiracies

Etta James – At Last

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/13/21

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‘So predictable’: Trump makes false claim about US Capitol riot

McConnell believes impeachment push will help rid GOP of Trump

Van Morrison – Into The Mystic

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/12/21

UK at “most dangerous” point in pandemic with calls for tighter lockdown – BBC News

Lisa Montgomery, the first woman to be executed by the US government in nearly 70 years | DW News

US Democrats move forward with second impeachment of President Trump | DW News

US Capitol riot: Republicans block House resolution calling on Pence to invoke 25th Amendment | FULL

Tapper presses National Guard Chief on delayed riot response

Schwarzenegger compares Capitol attack to Kristallnacht, brandishes sword

George Thorogood – Bad To The Bone – 7/5/1984 – Capitol Theatre (Official)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/11/21

Tapper: Will there be any consequences for the politicians who incited this violence?

Capehart to Trump: If You Want To Make America Great Again, Leave | MSNBC

Democrats ready impeachment articles against Donald Trump

Pink Floyd – High Hopes (Official Music Video HD)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/10/21

A Terrified President Throws His Riot Mob Under A Bus To Save His Neck (And Get Back On Twitter)

Cooper Anyone with a soul would be disgusted. Trump was delighted

Lincoln Project’s Rick Wilson: Trump’s Life About to Become “A Burning Hell” | Amanpour and Company

Psychoanalyst: Trump Is “Delusional Psychopath” Who Needs To Be Removed Immediately | The Last Word

Capitol Riot Analysis | What Role Did Narcissism Play?

MetalTrump – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) (Metallica)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/9/21

US Capitol riot: Trudeau says Trump “incited” violent mob that stormed Capitol building

US Capitol riot: UN Human Rights office calls on Trump to ‘disavow’ language that incited violence

Biden: Trump skipping my inauguration a good thing

Biden: BLM Activists Would’ve Been Treated Differently at Capitol

Trump branded “embarrassment to his country” as he shuns Biden inauguration – BBC News

Republicans suddenly distance themselves from Trump’s false election claims

No More Words! A Donald Trump Farewell Song

Elvis Presley – Jailhouse Rock (Music Video)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/8/21

President Trump concedes, condemns supporters who rioted

Pelosi Calls To Invoke 25th Amendment Or Says Impeachment Effort May Be Carried Out | NBC News NOW

Calls for Trump to be removed from office days before Biden inauguration – BBC News

Mike Pence delivers statement formally certifying Biden as winner of presidential election | FULL

While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Taken from Concert For George)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/7/21

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Watch U.S. President-elect Biden’s full statement | U.S. Election

Chaos in Washington as Trump supporters storm Capitol and force lockdown of Congress – BBC News

U.S. President Trump tells supporters ‘we won’t concede’

US Capitol Lockdown: Pro-Trump rioters storm Congress, clash with police

Trump tells his supporters: ‘Go home. We love you’

Pence, McConnell and Schumer address Senate floor as Electoral College certification resumes

Schumer: Sad that accepting election result is an act of courage

Watch McConnell side against Trump in Senate speech

Graham: Trump and I have had a hell of a journey, but enough is enough

The Platters The Great Pretender HD 1955

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/6/21

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UK lockdown “to continue until March” with more than a million Covid cases in England – BBC News

Coronavirus: Back to normal in 2021? Bet on it, says Dr. Isaac Bogoch

Audio: Trump’s full Jan. 2 call with Ga. secretary of state

Fact Checking Trump’s Phone Call With Georgia’s Secretary Of State | NBC News NOW

The President Just Called To Steal The Election

Ray Charles – Georgia On My Mind (Live)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/5/21

Sen. Sanders: President’s Call ‘Impeachable, A Criminal Offense’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

US election: Georgia election official debunks “new” claims on alleged fraud

Georgia official fires back at Trump’s election conspiracies

Why Syrian refugees now fear deportation from Germany | DW News

Boris Johnson urges people to stay home as England braces for third national lockdown

Ray Charles – Hit the road Jack ! (1961)

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/4/21

Audio: Trump berates Ga. secretary of state, urges him to ‘find’ votes

Trump Pressures Georgia Secretary Of State To Recount Election: ‘I Just Want To Find 11,780 Votes’

“The numbers are real” says Fauci responding to Trump’s claim of COVID-19 “exaggerated deaths”

India aims to vaccinate 300 million against Covid by July | DW News

Climate activist Greta Thunberg turns 18 | DW News

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/3/21

Smerconish: We’re about to witness twin tests of democracy

GOP Senators To Object to Electoral College, Demand Commission To Audit Election | MSNBC

US Senate overrides Trump’s veto of defense bill | DW News

David Lynch’s Weather Report. 1/2/21

New Year’s 2021: Times Square ball drop in NYC marks New Year

How 2021 was celebrated around the world – BBC News

Canada’s COVID-19 fight | CTV National News

Looking Back At The Defining Falsehoods Of Trump’s Presidency | NBC News NOW

“We have to be remembered for what’s been done” says Trump in New Year’s video message

2021 New Year Greeting

David Lynch’s Weather Report 1/1/21