Vlog : Month 8

Canada’s deficit on track to top $381B, as COVID-19 continues | Full fiscal update

Exclusive One-On-One With Joe Biden: Extended Interview | NBC Nightly News

‘That is a new one’: Keilar calls out Trump’s election conspiracy

Paula White | Why Do People Believe in Prosperity Gospel? | Mental Health & Personality

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Coronavirus: COVID-19 pandemic, cold weather concerns for Canada’s homeless

Full Fauci Interview: ‘We’re Going To Have To Do The Kinds Of Restrictions We Would Have Liked To’

Donald Trump admits ‘it’s hard to get to the Supreme Court’ as legal options dwindle

UK government warns of “third wave” of coronavirus if rules relaxed – BBC News

On the Trail: Joe Biden’s Long Road To the White House | NBC News NOW

‘We’re here because of Trump’s failed policy’: Analyst on killing of Iran’s top scientist

Amazon rainforest: ‘Paying the price for disrespecting nature’ – BBC News

Coronavirus: India’s Narendra Modi visits vaccine centres as COVID-19 cases surge

COVID-19: More than 150 arrests as anti-lockdown protesters clash with police in London

Clashes in Paris as thousands protest against racism and police violence – BBC News

Trudeau on vaccine rollout, immunization target

Trump Refers To ‘Biden Administration’ In Sign Of Election Acceptance | NBC Nightly News

Boris Johnson faces anger over England’s new Tier system – BBC News

Iron Biden – King Nothing (Metallica)

November Rain

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Trump flips out on reporter: ‘I’m the President of the United States!’

Coronavirus: Canada finalizes deals with 5 COVID-19 vaccine makers

Ottawa’s vaccine strategy is ‘reasonable’ given Canada’s limitations says vaccine researcher

Cyclone Nivar slams into southern India, toppling trees and flooding roads

Milarepa Cave

Canadians will have access to a vaccine in January upon approval from Health Canada: LeBlanc

This expert says Canada can manufacture a COVID-19 vaccine – so why aren’t we?

Hear Biden’s message to those who’ve lost loved ones to Covid-19

Trump Tweets He Has Granted Michael Flynn A Full Pardon | Deadline | MSNBC

Trump Speaks Via iPhone Speaker Into ‘Hearing’ On Baseless Fraud Claims | Ayman Mohyeldin | MSNBC

Trump Rambles on Speakerphone During Fake GOP Voter Fraud Hearing: A Closer Look

Diego Maradona: Argentina legend dies aged 60 – BBC News

Canada could be forced to wait longer than other countries for a vaccine – here’s why

President Donald Trump touts Dow 30,000 milestone

Biden’s Special Presidential Envoy For Climate John Kerry Delivers Remarks | NBC News

Newsmax and OANN are telling lies about the election as more people tune in

Nagorno-Karabakh: ‘We’ve lost an entire generation’ – BBC News

How Did a 12-Foot-Tall Silver Monolith End Up in the Desert?

GSA recognizes Biden victory, opening up transition to White House

Oxford vaccine up to 90% effective and costs just £3 per dose – BBC News

Coronavirus: New restrictions across Canada as COVID-19 cases continue to skyrocket

PayPal’s CEO talks digital payments and cryptocurrency

Elephant rescued from deep well in a 14-hour operation – BBC News

The Global Coverup Killing More Than Coronavirus. w Stephen Fry.

Scotland: Islands under threat from rising sea levels – BBC News

G20 Summit: Trump defends decision to withdraw from Paris climate accord

Judge Dismisses Trump’s Pennsylvania Election Lawsuit | MSNBC

Right-wing Viewers Upset With Trump’s Loss Move From Fox To Further Right Media | Meet The Press

Ali Velshi on President Trump’s Real Legacy | MSNBC

It’s Almost Impossible for Trump to Stage a Coup

Michael Moore Thinks Trump Defeated Himself in the 2020 Election

From Essays to Coding, This New A.I. Can Write Anything

Smerconish: Here’s the real danger in Trump’s charade

G20 summit: World leaders pledge co-operation on pandemic, COVID-19 vaccine

Canada, U.K. strike post-Brexit trade deal

Tigray conflict: More than 32,000 Ethiopian refugees flee to Sudan as fighting continues

Lands That Will FLOOD in Our Lifetime

Grateful Dead – The Grateful Dead Movie

Coronavirus: Trudeau says “normal Christmas is quite frankly right out of the question”

Michigan lawmakers rebuff Trump after White House meeting

Biden wins Georgia recount as Trump setbacks mount – BBC News

Trump Delivers Remarks On Lowering Prescription Drug Prices | NBC News

Hurricane Iota: Storm causes devastation in Central America – BBC News

How Carl Sagan “Predicted” 2020… in 1995

2020-2021 winter forecast: Here’s what weather Canadians can expect

See Biden’s reaction when asked if he will shut down country

Coronavirus Update: Europe struggles lowering infection numbers | DW News

Feds legislate Canada’s plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050

Ban on sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 as UK announces “green revolution” – BBC News

Yorkshire Ripper serial killer Peter Sutcliffe dies of coronavirus in hospital – BBC News

Stewing Over Biden Win, Trump MIA As U.S. Covid Deaths Top 250,000 | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Pfizer reports Covid-19 vaccine is 95% effective

‘He was living in his own fantasy’: Hear from the attorney going head-to-head with Rudy Giuliani

Hurricane Iota: Nicaragua hit by 2nd hurricane in 2 weeks

Trump fires DHS official Chris Krebs

Trump Breaks Promise To Never Share Troop Deployment Plans | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

US will withdraw troops in Iraq and Afghanistan by January 2021

NYT: Trump Asked About Striking Iran Before Biden Takes Power | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Covid-19 cases are soaring across Europe and the UK

Moderna says COVID-19 vaccine 94.5% effective

Coronavirus: How COVID-19 is attacking our brains

Trump Tweets That Biden “Won,” Then Tweets “I Concede Nothing”: A Closer Look

US election: Biden responds to Trump’s backtrack on recognizing his win

China and 14 partners sign world’s biggest trade deal without US | DW News

‘Eight and a half minutes of terror’: Analyst describes moments after liftoff

B.C. biotech company working on Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine

Fareed: The conspiracy theory of the 2020 election is here to stay

Trump acknowledges Biden’s win in latest tweet

Diwali – The festival of Lights

Coronavirus: Health care workers feel abandoned by government, public

Coronavirus Update: Infection rates in Europe keep rising | DW News

Typhoon Vamco: Dozens dead as Philippines hit by powerful storm – BBC News

Pro-Trump groups gather in Washington to protest election

Potusgeist Just Won’t Leave The White House

COVID-19: India tells locals to stay home ahead of Diwali celebrations

6 post-presidency lawsuits waiting for Trump

‘Stop the steal’ disinformation campaign connected to Roger Stone

Cooper: Trump’s outrage doesn’t matter. Here’s what does

Trump threatens to deny New York a vaccine. See governor’s response

Coronavirus: Trump administration working toward emergency use authorization for Pfizer vaccine

Keilar calls out McEnany’s prop used on Fox News

Trump refuses to acknowledge election reality at White House event

Coronavirus: Canadian provinces introduce tighter restrictions as cases climb

Tapper: Trump nowhere to be found as Covid-19 worsens

‘Dejected’ Trump waffles over waging baseless election fight

Trump is bashing Fox News on Twitter as pandemic rages

Anderson Cooper: That’s an actual quote from a GOP official

Watch Sanders’ reaction to Trump refusing to concede

CNN legal analyst says Trump cases are getting dismissed at ‘record speed’

GOP official shuts down voter fraud ‘nonsense’

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The Last Post by Dire Straits guitarist, Mark Knopfler

Remembrance Day 2020 ceremonies across Canada

Canadian women share stories of their secret efforts to help win World War II

Remembrance Day 2020: Correcting the gravestone of a fallen Canadian soldier

WWI Canadian Sikh soldier remembered at ceremony

Canada’s black battalion made history in WWI

Japanese Canadian War Memorial 100th Anniversary

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James Blackwood : Racoon Whisperer

Remembering Coach Waiters

Sen. Chris Murphy Explains What Happens If Trump Doesn’t Concede | NowThis

Watch people travel in Virgin Hyperloop for the first time

Coronavirus: Different curbing approaches taken in Canadian provinces as cases spike

Coronavirus: Trudeau reacts to news Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine may be 90% effective

US election: World leaders react to president-elect Joe Biden’s win

US election: Court hearings on Trump’s “stolen election” claims set to start

Alex Trebek had a profound impact: Jeopardy! winner

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Joe Biden addresses the nation after election victory

Watch Kamala Harris’ full victory speech

US election: Biden supporters celebrate his victory in streets across the country

Van Jones fights back tears: Result shows character matters

US election: Joe Biden declared winner after record voter turnout

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Stephen Rips Up The Monologue And Starts Over After Trump’s Heartbreaking Thursday Night Lie Fest

“No elected Republican will stand behind Trump’s statement”: Santorum weighs in on Trump briefing

President Trump discusses vote counting at the White House

Trump’s faith advisor goes HEAVY METAL! [Sound of Victory] [Paula White Remix]

US election: Pennsylvania governor condemns Trump lawsuit as “wrong,” says votes will be counted

US Election: Can Trump sue to stop vote counting?

US election: Biden says he thinks he could win election, careful not to declare victory yet | FULL

George Floyd: How policing in Minneapolis has changed since his death

US election: Trump, Biden make final campaign stops ahead of election night

US election: What happens after election night?

US election: Voters wait in long lines, cast ballots after polarizing presidential race

Trump suggests he might fire Fauci after election

The Electoral College, explained

Coronavirus: Thousands of flags memorialize America’s COVID-19 victims