Vlog : Month 9

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Economy in crisis amid COVID-19 | CTV National News

McConnell Compares House Plan To Increase Stimulus Checks To ‘Socialism For Rich People’ | NBC News

‘The Art Of The Deal’ President Who Couldn’t Make Deals: Trump’s Record Of Failure | All In | MSNBC

Don Lemon rolls the tape on Trump’s 2020 ‘insane reality show’

David Lynch’s Weather Report 12/31/20

Climate Change in 2020 | CTV National News

A reckoning on racism | CTV National News

McConnell Calls For ‘Smart, Targeted Aid’ In Coronavirus Stimulus Checks | NBC News NOW

Pelosi Criticizes Senate Republicans For Blocking Stimulus Payment Increase | MSNBC

SE Cupp: This was always how it was going to end

George Conway reacts to Hawley’s plan to force vote on election results

Trump Uses Photo Of Wrong Medal To Falsely Imply He Received Nobel Prize | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

David Lynch’s Weather Report 12/30/20

WHO warns Covid-19 pandemic is ‘not necessarily the big one’

Warning that UK risks “catastrophe” with record number of new Covid infections – BBC News

Biden Delivers Remarks On Covid-19 | NBC News

McConnell blocks bid to immediately raise COVID-19 relief cheques from $600 to $2,000

Lemon: All Trump cares about is not looking like a loser

David Lynch’s Weather Report 12/29/20

‘Irresponsibility’: Biden hits Trump admin. over transition

Why Trump caved and signed stimulus bill

The Pandemic Has Exposed A Problem That Was There Already: Celia On Food Insecurity | Craig Melvin

Saudi women’s rights activist Loujain Alhathloul sentenced on anti-terror charges

World’s worst air in Kyrgyz capital Bishkek | DW News

Comparing Canada’s COVID-19 vaccination rate

A pattern in Earth’s mass extinction events

Migrants in Bosnia face dire cold after camp burns down | DW News

‘Let’s get vaccinated’: Europe rolls out Covid-19 vaccine

Dr. Fauci predicts when general public will receive vaccine

‘You Have A President Who Is Increasingly Out Of Touch While Americans Are Dying’ | MSNBC

Man in bathrobe uses flamethrower to clear driveway of snow

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‘I’m not surprised’: Ont. confirms first two cases of the U.K. variant

The State Of The Black Lives Matter Movement, And Its Future, Analyzed by Experts | MSNBC

Panic Sets In As 12 million Americans Lose Unemployment Benefits | NBC Nightly News

Republicans To ERASE Trump From History?!

Monolith made of gingerbread appears in the US at Christmas

Queen Elizabeth delivers hopeful Christmas message amid COVID-19 pandemic

US President-elect Joe Biden sends Americans Christmas message from Delaware

Pope Francis calls for vaccine sharing in Christmas message

From Hurricanes To Wildfires, 2020’s Biggest Climate Headlines | NBC News NOW

SURPRISE! Dr. Fauci gets BIRTHDAY SERENADE as he leaves work

Tom Waits – Silent Night & Christmas Card From A Hooker In Minneapolis

Justin Trudeau delivers 2020 Christmas message to Canadians

Long Lines Of Americans In Need At Food Banks Ahead Of Christmas | NBC Nightly News

Jake Sherman: It’s Likely Trump Is Going To Shut Gov’t. Down On Monday | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Trump Signals Extremist Supporters With Martial Law Talk; Promises ‘Wild’ D.C. Protest

Why Stone, Manafort, Flynn Could Be Given Grand Jury Subpoenas In Future | Morning Joe | MSNBC

A look at why the U.K. is finding new strains of COVID-19

David Lynch Reacts to Donald Trump Mentioning Him

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Coronavirus: Trudeau tells Canadians to “hold on” and not gather during Christmas

COVID-19 is now present on every continent | Coronavirus Update

How will Biden approach foreign relations?

Biden Aides Consider Using Defense Production Act For Covid Vaccine Distribution | NBC News NOW

Trump Pardons Paul Manafort, Roger Stone | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Millions more in tier 4 Covid restrictions in England from Boxing day, Hancock says

India: Farming despite water poverty | Global Ideas

Band Aid – Do They Know It’s Christmas? (Live Aid 1985)

Infectious disease expert says some people have been ‘tone deaf’ to health guidelines

Fauci on new Covid-19 strain found in UK: You have to assume it’s here

BioNTech ‘confident’ vaccine works against U.K. coronavirus variant

Biden discusses cyber attack, says “darkest” days of COVID-19 pandemic are ahead

Trump Issues Slew Of Pardons And Digs In On Election Attacks | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

How human traffickers prey on Rohingya refugees | DW News

Examining The Biggest 2020 Headlines Around The World | NBC News NOW

Jupiter and Saturn converge to form ‘Christmas star’

Canada ‘Sixties Scoop’: Indigenous survivors map out their stories – BBC News

Neskantaga First Nation residents return to boil water advisory

Boris Johnson delivers briefing after Cobra meeting

Travel ban on Britain expands due to new COVID-19 strain

Gov. Cuomo Calls For Restrictions On Flights From U.K. Amid New Covid Strain | Katy Tur | MSNBC

Some White House advisers fear Trump’s final days

US Congress agrees on $900 billion COVID-19 relief deal | DW News

Human-made objects now outweigh all living things on Earth

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Watch the full year-end interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau

Female Saudi activist Loujain al Hathloul goes on trial

Coronavirus: School closures among planned measures for Ontario provincewide lockdown

Multiple countries halt travel to and from the U.K.

Stelter: Radicalization is infesting airwaves of pro-Trump media

The Size of Joe Biden’s Win Depends On How You Count | Meet The Press | NBC News

Why was Biden’s win calculated to be ONE IN A QUADRILLION?

‘Santa Claus is good to go’: Dr Fauci says he vaccinated Father Christmas

US president-elect Joe Biden introduces key members of climate team | FULL

COVAX program secures 2 billion vaccine doses for lower-income nations

Recycling fashion: The town turning waste into clothes- BBC News

Countries across Europe introduce holiday lockdowns | Coronavirus update

Trump Tweet Downplays Russia Hack, Implicates China | MSNBC

Watch: SpaceX Launches NROL-108 Mission on Falcon 9 Rocket

Greta Thunberg dismisses ’empty words’ in new climate crisis appeal

Ethiopia faces humanitarian crisis following its Tigray conflict | DW News

Dire conditions lead to mental health decline in Greek refugee camps | DW News

The Mental Health Impact Of The Coronavirus | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Fears that new Covid variant is more infectious and harder to contain – BBC News

Trump’s Latest ‘Con’: Ripping Off MAGA Fans After Losing | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Carl Sagan on CNN 1%

Top 10 Most Maddening Stories of 2020 | NowThis

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Looking back on a year of COVID-19 and Canada’s pandemic response

India: How to vaccinate 1.3 billion people? | DW News

Covid: WHO to investigate virus origins in China’s Wuhan – BBC News

‘We Want Them Infected’: Chris Hayes On Emails Revealing Truth Of Trump Covid Plan | All In | MSNBC

Why People Follow a Trump (or a Hitler): Malignant Narcissism & Simplicity – FRANK YEOMANS

Year end interview with Prime Minister Trudeau

Ontario hospitals brace for COVID-19 surge

Uruguay: A role model in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic? | COVID-19 Special

Boris Johnson: ‘A smaller Christmas is a safer Christmas’

German Streets Deserted As New Covid Lockdown Comes Into Effect | NBC News NOW

Post-Trump NATO: Back to business as usual? | DW News

Trump pushing for special counsels to probe election and Hunter Biden

Sen. Peters & Sen. Johnson Clash Over Voter ‘Fraud’ Claims | NowThis

The U.S. is set to send a Canadian astronaut around the moon

China’s lunar mission returns to Earth with moon samples

Kangaroos can ‘communicate’ with humans, study finds – BBC News

Dr Anthony Fauci warns against gatherings at Christmas – BBC Newsnight

Bill Gates’ Big Warning About the Next 4-6 Months | NowThis

Sen. Mitch McConnell: “I want to congratulate President-elect Joe Biden.”

Biden Spoke To McConnell To ‘Thank Him For The Congratulations’ | NBC News NOW

Kayleigh McEnany refuses to follow McConnell admitting Trump election defeat

Barr Ends Shameful Tenure That Began With A Big Public Lie About The Mueller Investigation

Another Mysterious Monolith Discovered on Dartmoor, England

Watch Joe Biden’s full address to the nation after Electoral College reaffirms his victory

Biden Officially Reaches 270 Electoral Votes To Become President-Elect | Deadline | MSNBC

US: COVID-19 pandemic death toll approaching 300,000 mark | World News | WION News

Coronavirus: What it’s going to take to get Canada vaccinated against COVID-19

WHO aware of new COVID-19 variant identified in U.K.

New evidence of Uighur forced labour in China’s cotton industry – BBC News

Kamloops Monolith Found

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First photos of Pfizer’s vaccine shipment released

SpaceX launches satellite in company’s 25th flight to orbit in 2020

Can mapping the Great Barrier Reef help it survive? – BBC News

Jake Tapper wants to thank Trump. Hear why

Can Trump’s Scheme To Overturn 2020 Results Become A Crime? | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC


Alberta student 1st Canadian to win international science competition

Trudeau: There’s no vaccine for polluted planet | Federal climate action plan unveiled

UN ‘alarmed’ over plight of Eritreans caught up in Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict | DW News

Trump Administration Will See Three More Federal Executions Sparking Controversy | MSNBC

Smerconish: The Supreme Court comes up short

Trump Supporters Protest Election Results At The National Mall, March To Supreme Court | MSNBC

CBSN Originals presents “Reverb | The QAnon Effect”

Why Biden and Harris were chosen as Time’s ‘Person of the Year’

Congratulating Archbishop Desmond Tutu on Receiving the Human Rights Global Treasure Award

Adapting Hanukkah celebrations during COVID-19 pandemic

Cambodian Boy Who Speaks 16 Languages’ Life Now, 2 Years After Viral Video

The man saving monkeys in the Colombian Amazon – BBC News

China claims ‘quantum supremacy’ with new supercomputer | DW News

First execution of Trump’s final days goes ahead – BBC News

Cooper: Here’s what this vain and selfish man is now doing

PA Attorney Gen. Calls Republicans’ Unwavering Support Of Trump A Cancer On This Country | Deadline

New modelling: Canada could see close to 15K total deaths by Christmas Day

Hunger, poverty and unemployment: How coronavirus reveals inequalities | COVID-19 Special

Monolith Sighting in Fayette County, WV

Vancouver Road Trip to Squamish BC Canada | Spectacular Scenic Drive BC 99 hwy (Sea to Sky Highway)

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau talks gender equality and her campaign to end violence against women

Student mental health: Depressed and living in a bubble of one – BBC News

Nobel Peace Prize Winners Keep Starting Wars

‘This Is A Country Awash In Pain’: Anand Giridharadas On Unemployment Crisis | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

FDA Advisory Committee Recommends Approval Of Pfizer Covid Vaccine | NBC News

Rep. Clyburn Threatens To Subpoena CDC Director, Secy. Azar For Hiding Covid Information | MSNBC

Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine makes dry ice a hot commodity

George Conway: This is the most insane thing yet

Cuomo reacts to Trump’s tweet about Supreme Court justice

‘When Children Are Going Hungry In America, Suddenly We Don’t Have Enough Money’ | Stephanie Ruhle

Rich countries ‘hoarding Covid vaccines’ – BBC News

How long does COVID-19 vaccine immunity last?

SpaceX “Starship” prototype explodes during landing following high-altitude test | FULL

Dr. Theresa Tam: Gaining control of COVID-19 won’t be quick

Coronavirus: Biden outlines his top 3 COVID-19 priorities for his first 100 days in office

Supreme Court Rejects GOP Bid To Overturn Biden’s Victory In Pennsylvania

Trump compares 2020 US election to ‘third world nation’

Pfizer, Moderna Decline To Attend WH Vaccine Summit | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Lead, Nickel Found In Blood Of People With Mystery Illness In Andhra

‘Odd radio circles’ in the sky a ‘genuine mystery’ – BBC News

Bob Dylan Sells Entire Songwriting Catalog to Universal Music Publishing | RS News 12/7/20

Trudeau on COVID-19 vaccines: ‘This is no small task, which is why we have a clear plan’

Trudeau government won’t say who got billions of dollars in aid

Bob Bauer: Trump Legal Team Is ‘Embarrassing Themselves’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

Coronavirus: Rudy Giuliani tests positive as US surpasses 280,000 COVID-19 deaths

33 Million Californians Prepare For Lockdown | NBC Nightly News

D.C. Prosecutor Contradicts Ivanka On Inaugural Committee Overpayment To Trump Hotel | Rachel Maddow

Another mysterious monolith found on Isle of Wight beach in UK

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Full Gabriel Sterling: Trump Should Be Held To A ‘Higher Standard’ When Attacking Georgia Vote

Massachusetts Field Hospital Begins To Receive Covid Patients | NBC Nightly News

Meacham: The Start Of Biden’s Presidency Is ‘Going To Be More Complicated’ Than We Think | Deadline

US Congress to halt Trump’s troop withdrawal from Germany | DW News

Footage shows catastrophic collapse of iconic Puerto Rico telescope

SpaceX Dragon cargo craft launches to the International Space Station

Mysterious Monolith Appears in Santa Clarita

Deserts Are Taking Over The World

Sen. Bernie Sanders: People Are Suffering ‘In A Way We Have Not Seen Since The Great Depression’

Swing State Officials Contradict Trump’s Vote Claims | NowThis

Trump campaigns in Georgia while pushing voter fraud claims

Russia kicks off mass COVID-19 vaccination program with Sputnik V | DW News

China’s Covid recovery: Hopes and fears over what comes next – BBC News

Class learns to sign ‘O Canada’ amid COVID-19 restrictions

Coronavirus: How Canada’s COVID-19 vaccine rollout is unfolding

Biden to ask Americans to wear masks for 100 days – BBC News

GOP election official (who Trump fired) speaks to CNN

Hayes: Trump, GOP Didn’t Care What Happened After The Election With Covid, Economy | All In | MSNBC

Trump’s Election Fraud Allegations | Denial vs. Delusion

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UK passes 60,000 deaths as vaccine arrives for distribution – BBC News

Dr. Fauci questions UK’s quick approval of vaccine

Canada’s intelligence service says Iran, China and Russia engaging in COVID-19 disinformation

Mitch McConnell Actually Cried Today. Lawrence Was Not Moved | The Last Word | MSNBC

These Trump supporters say big tech is biased. Here’s why they’re on Parler

Rudy Giuliani’s Star Voter Fraud Witness at Michigan Hearing | NowThis

UK vaccination to begin as it becomes first country to approve the treatment – BBC News

Coronavirus: New study shows health care systems ill-prepared for climate change threat

Speech: Donald Trump Makes an Unscheduled Pre-Recorded Speech on the Election – December 2, 2020

Trump discussing pardons for his kids and Rudy Giuliani

‘A Fool’: MAGA Fans Turn On Barr After Debunking Trump’s Fraud | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

Mysterious monolith appears in San Luis Obispo County

UN climate change goal now ‘within reach’ – BBC News

Bill Barr: No evidence of fraud that would affect election outcome

What doctors are learning about COVID ‘long-haulers’

“World’s loneliest elephant” begins new life in Cambodia

New metal monolith discovered in Romania vanishes