february 2021

Coronavirus: Canada secures 2M doses of CoviShield vaccine, to arrive in weeks | FULL

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced on Friday that Canada had secured two million doses of the CoviShield vaccine in addition to the 20 million doses it will receive from AstraZeneca, which was approved earlier in the day by Health Canada. Canada secured the CoviShield doses through an agreement with Verity Pharmaceuticals and the Serum Institute of India. The PM said the first shipment of a half million doses will arrive within weeks Trudeau said that between Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and the CoviShield vaccines Canada will receive more than 6.5 million doses before the end of March. Tens of millions of more vaccines will arrive between April and June. Officials said earlier this week that more than 240,000 doses had been injected last week, the highest weekly total in more than a month. Canada’s 10 provinces and three northern territories administer the vaccines.