November 2020

US election: Pennsylvania governor condemns Trump lawsuit as “wrong,” says votes will be counted

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf reacted on Wednesday to the Donald Trump campaign’s threat of legal action over vote-counting in the state, calling the lawsuit “wrong” and saying that elections in the U.S. “need to be free of external influences.”Wolf said the lawsuit “goes against the most basic principles of our democracy” and that the campaign’s attempt to delay or block the counting of votes was “disgraceful.” The governor said he would “fight like hell” to ensure every vote in the state is counted.Speaking to the Trump campaign’s demand for “meaningful access” to the counting locations to oversee the process, Wolf applauded the transparency with which the votes are counted, stating that in Philadelphia they have been live streaming the processing of ballots.Pennsylvania’s Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar, meanwhile, addressed President Donald Trump’s allegations of “surprise ballot dumps” in key swing states, saying that it could not happen in Pennsylvania. She said voters have to apply and be approved before receiving a ballot.