october 2020

US election: Obama jokes that Trump’s “ratings are down” as he encourages Americans to vote

Former U.S. president Barack Obama reiterated claims on Wednesday that President Donald Trump has failed to take the duties of his office seriously, accusing him of turning the presidency into a reality television show. But, while encouraging Americans to vote Trump out of office, Obama joked that the president’s “TV ratings are down.” Obama said he had hoped Trump would “show some interest in taking the job seriously,” but added “that hasn’t happened.” He said Americans have had to live with the consequences. Obama also spoke about reporting from the New York Times that suggests Trump’s tax returns show he maintains a Chinese bank account. “How is that possible?” Obama asked, questioning whether Trump “may be sending more [in taxes] to foreign governments than he pays in the United States.” The former president also spoke about the anti-Black racism protests that have gripped the country, saying that protesting social justice is “the most American thing there is.”